Morningside Security Patrol Vacation Surveillance is a membership benefit for all Security Plus members.  Off duty APD officers will check on your property while you are away, so when planning for your vacation, don’t forget to add “notify the Morningside Security Patrol” to your checklist.

The Security Patrol needs the following information in order to cover your home while you are away.

  1. Date & time of your departure and return
  2. Cars left in the driveway
  3. Visitors we may see at your house
  4. Emergency contacts numbers
  5. Whether or not you have stopped delivery services (mail, newspapers, etc.)

You can complete a Vacation Patrol Request one of the following ways:

PLEASE give as much advance (3-5 days) notice as possible. Vacation Patrol Requests – complete the Online Form

All neighbors are welcome to contact the Security Chair and / or Security Patrol with any concerns, but if you see something suspicious, please call 911 first!

Email –

Membership Concerns/Questions –

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