Keep Morningside-Lenox Park Area Neighborhoods Beautiful

There are several types of pollution that impact the beauty of our community that we can do something about a) Litter - trash on sidewalks, in streets, leaves, grass blown into the street and down water drains, etc.  b) Graffitti c) Illegal Signs

a) The City of Atlanta prohibits the throwing, dumping, sweeping, pushing, blowing, depositing, or leaving of litter on public or private property unless the litter is placed into a receptacle or container installed on such property.  Violators of Article XI “Litter Control” of the City of Atlanta Code of Ordinances can be subject to a fine of $1000 a day.    There is opportunity for everyone to help by educating lawn service companies and neighbors.  

b) Graffitti is illegal and destructive.  Our community has begun to see graffitti more frequently around the neighborhood on Stop signs, Speed Limit signs, utility boxes, mailboxes, etc.  If you see graffitti, and you suspect gang activity, call the Atlanta Police Zone 6 - 404-371-5002.   Only about 10% of graffitti is gang related.  

c) Illegal signs include ANY sign in the public right-of-way (space between the sidewalk and the curb).  This includes For Rent, Real Estate signage, telephone poles (yard sales, lost pets, etc.), Charity, Events, Traffic Islands, etc.  In Morningside Lenox Park, we work with our Realtors to accomodate the weekends, beginning Friday at 1 p.m. through Sunday 5 p.m.  To report illegal signage, take a digital photo of the sign and email it with date and nearest street address or intersection to   The City will remove the sign and issue a citation to the violator to appear in court.