MLPA takes our commitment to maintaining a secure neighborhood very seriously.  A number of dedicated volunteers contribute to our work, but we welcome new volunteers interested in these efforts.

Currently, there are two committees operating under the safety umbrella:

  • Security works with the officers of the Morningside Security Patrol (MSP) to support their efforts. Contact to find out how you can contribute to this work.
  • Neighborhood Watch has developed a network of volunteer block captains who collect their neighbors’ contact information and send emails to alert their block of issues or incidents. They also distribute the security report from both our patrol and Virginia Highland.  If you are interested in working with the Neighborhood Watch program, email

The February MLPA Security Forum made the news. Channel 2 covered the joint meeting with the new Atlanta Police Department Command team, City Council Representatives, and our neighbors from Virginia Highland. 

MLPA/VHCA Security Forum with the Atlanta Police Department (from Feb. 6, 2017)

Skip to the times indicated below to find issues of interest to you:

1. at :00 Opening statements: “Revolving door justice.”

2. at 1:49: Environmental crime protection measures (landscaping, cameras, et al)

3. at 2:32 Update on the use of body cameras and various hi-tech gear

4. at 8:36 License plate readers, and how they’re being used

5. at 10:26 More about license plate readers; how many does APD have, where are they

6. at 11:14 What is APD’s stance on “revolving door justice,” whiere criminals are back on the streets soon after their arrests because of overcrowding at the jail, lenient judges, etc.

7. at 14:12 A discussion of the Video Integration Center (VIC)

8. at 16:10 “What resources does APD need to do its job better?”

9. at 18:40 a discussion of the Citizens Police Academy

10. At 19:47 Talk about trust issues between police department and the community

11. at 21:13 What’s the process for getting our neighborhood cameras integrated into your system?

12. at 23:40 Speeding and pedestrian safety

13. at 25:58 Car break-ins: how can the community help reduce the incidence of these crimes?

14. at 28:00 How can we get one of those flashing signs that alerts drivers to their actual speed (vs. the speed limit)?

15. at 28:12 Package thefts

16. at 29:43 What’s being done about the recent rash of late-night armed robberies in Va-Hi?

17. at 32:10 Major Shaw makes closing statement/arrest announcement