All residents of the Morningside-Lenox Park neighborhood benefit from the added security provided by the Morningside Security Patrol (MSP).  The security patrol which is staffed by off-duty Atlanta Police Officers, is funded by Security Plus memberships.

The primary purpose of the MSP is to augment our regular services from the Atlanta Police Department (APD) and home security systems. All residents enjoy the added security afforded by the MSP:

1) Increased Neighborhood Security:  The MSP provides regular patrols each week and adds additional shifts during the traditional high-crime months or on an as-needed basis.  Since MSP Officers are drawn from the APD, they are able to intervene in suspicious activities and crimes in progress.  In most cases, when crimes occur during an MSP shift, the MSP officers have been first responders to any 911 and/or non-emergency calls coming through APD’s Dispatch Center.

Joining as an MLPA Security Plus Member helps fund ongoing patrols.  More MLPA Security Plus Members mean more MSP shifts!

2) Special Events:  The Morningside Security Patrol assists the neighborhood with security and traffic management for events like MLPA’s Annual Celebration of Summer.

3) Crime Reports & Security Alerts:  Members of MLPA  and the MLPA’s Neighborhood Watch Program receive regular crime reports for Morningside and the surrounding business areas.

Besides this, MLPA members receive SECURITY ALERTS as needed.  This is a near-real-time notification of immediate potential threats or criminal activity in the neighborhood.

In addition, MLPA Security Plus members can have the MLPA Security Patrol check on their home when they are away!

Vacation Coverage:  MLPA Security Plus Members may request that the MSP check on their homes whenever they are away for a protracted period of time.   There are  several ways to request this service:.

PLEASE give as much advance (3-5 days) notice as possible.  Remember to alert the officers about any cars that will be left in your driveway, visitors that may be entering your home while you are absent, contractors that may be doing work, etc.

Upon your return you will receive a report detailing the officer visits to your property.

If you want more information on the Morningside Security Patrol, please contact our security chair at

* NOTE: If you email or phone in your request for a vacation patrol, please provide the following information:

1) Date & time of your departure and arrival
2) Cars left in the driveway
3) Visitors we may see at your house (contractors, kids, neighbors, etc.)
4) Emergency contacts numbers
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