Neighbors are our first line of defense when crime finds its way into our neighborhood.  The APD’s See Something, Say Something Campaign encourages citizens to call 911 to report suspicious activity–below are some guidelines. Please do not hesitate to call if you see something of concern.

An ounce of prevention starts with each of us. Below are some resources you can use to make your home safe.

Recognizing Suspicious Activity

Door to Door Solicitation in Atlanta

Atlanta Police Department (APD) Self Survey

APD’s Neighborhood Watch Program self assessment to identify issues that may hinder emergency personnel and make your home more vulnerable to crime.

Preventing Car Break-ins

Preventing Mail Theft from your Mail Box

Managing Porch Package Delivery (especially during the holidays)

Several ideas have been proposed by street captains for managing the delivery of packages to   residential porches.  This is particularly important during the holidays…

– Ask a nearby neighbor to be on the lookout for a package during the day while you are at work or while you are away on business or vacation.

– Use the free services offered by both UPS and Fedex; there are differences between the two offerings but both generally include:

  • getting notifications about delivery
  • providing instructions for the driver to “leave on the back porch” or “leave with a neighbor” who is close by – preferably within walking distance.
  • requesting that package be held at a UPS/Fedex location

You have to sign up for these free services.  Also, once you sign up, you can pay extra for delivery to another address, on another day, etc. Check out these options and see if one of these services might work for you.

One key factor that is common to these approaches is getting to know your nearby neighbors. Persons who may be at home during the day include retirees, stay-at-home-Moms and Dads, persons who work from home, etc.; these folks may be willing to help.

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