MLPA’s involvement in traffic issues has remained constant throughout our history.  Founded to defeat the Georgia Department of Transportation’s plan to bisect the neighborhood with a freeway, MLPA’s focus on traffic issues remains one of its highest priorities.

The Traffic committee conducts forums where neighbors can raise concerns.  It works with the city to ensure that our streets stay safe and our neighborhood remains a great place to live.  If you would like to help with this work, contact

Currently, we are focused on Renew Atlanta’s plans for Monroe Drive / Boulevard and the many safety issues that were submitted at the 2016 MLPA Traffic Forum.  These have been prioritized into a Master List that has been submitted to the City for further study.  A few wins this year have been:

  • New 4 way stop at Lanier Boulevard and Amsterdam Avenue
  • Lowered speed limit sign on Lanier making the entire street 30 mph
  • Improved intersection at Piedmont Avenue and Piedmont Circle

Another area of current focus is the Monroe Drive Smart Street Initiative that will have a potential effect on traffic patterns within the neighborhood.  MLPA is closely monitoring the public comment meetings as well as educating the neighborhood on the road diet model.  We are committed to working with the City and DOT on ways to limit negative effects of this project.

Please know that we are here to help with issues related to Safety and Traffic.  Please submit any concerns to

Below are a couple of useful links:

City of Atlanta Department of Transportation contact: Transportation 404-330-6501

Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety