Morningside Security Patrol

Residents of the Morningside-Lenox Park Neighborhood benefit from the added security of the Morningside Security Patrol (MSP), which is staffed by off-duty Atlanta Police Officers.

The primary purpose of the MSP is to augment our regular services from the Atlanta Police Department (APD) and Home Security Systems. The MSP serves the residents of the Morningside, Lenox Park, and Johnson Estates neighborhoods, an area of the City of Atlanta that is often referred to as Morningside. 

Morningside Security Patrol Membership provides the following services: 

1.     Vacation coverage:  The Morningside Security Patrol will check on the homes of Morningside Security Patrol members whenever they are out of town or away from their homes for any protracted period of time.   There are Three (3) ways to submit the dates of leaving/returning, cars in your driveway,  contracted workers, visitors, etc.

o   Fill out a card and drop it in the drop box at the Morningside Presbyterian Church

o   Call and leave a message : (404) 308-2304

o   Send an email to

2.     Weekly Crime Report & Security Alerts:  Members of Morningside Security Patrol receive a weekly crime report for Morningside and the surrounding business areas we frequent.  In addition, Morningside Security Patrol members receive, as needed, SECURITY ALERTS.  This is a near-real-time notification of immediate potential threats or criminal activity in the neighborhood.

3.     Increased Neighborhood Security:  The Morningside Security Patrol supports 16 shifts a week.  Morningside Security Patrol Officers are known for intervening in suspicious activities and crimes in progress.  Most recently, when crimes occur during a Morningside Security Patrol shift, the Morningside Security Patrol have been first responders to any 911 and/or non-emergency calls coming through APD’s Zone 6 Dispatch.

4.     Special Events:  The Morningside Security Patrol assists the MLPA security and traffic management for our annual events such as the Celebration of Summer, Screen on the Green, Concert in the Park,  & the Tour of Homes 

Your support of the Morningside Security Patrol is needed.  Please join us and/or renew your membership.  We are confident that the Morningside Security Patrol  contributes to the lower level of criminal activity in the Morningside Neighborhoods.  Safety is on everyone’s mind today and the Morningside Security Patrol  is an excellent value.

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If you want more information about membership and/or the Morningside Security Patrol, please contact the Morningside Security Chair, Tracy Brown,  at

Add your Home to the Morningside Security Patrol's daily route today!