The MLPA is only as strong as its members. Being active in MLPA is a wonderful way to stay informed about what’s happening in our community, and to have input on its future. Active participation in the process is the best way to ensure that our neighborhood and quality of life are preserved.

MLPA membership dues are the primary source of funding for this self-governing, elected, all-volunteer board who work together to address issues and projects related to the neighborhood. This includes zoning and land-use, historic preservation, transportation, traffic, pedestrian safety, security, parks, schools and much more.

Why Join?

  • Give our neighborhood a powerful and comprehensive voice that bridges residents, government officials, businesses, developers and schools.
  • Participate in the decision-making that directly affects important issues such as development, traffic, parks and green space, and safety.
  • Enable social activities for the neighborhood, creating a deeper sense of community.
  • Be a part of achieving common neighborhood goals.
  • Protect and preserve our neighborhood!
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